Case Study: Berea Farmer’s Market

Berea Farmer’s Market is a co op meant to empower farmers and increase community in the Berea community. Semper Public Relations utilized social media marketing as well as community relations tactics to further a guerrila marketing strategy.

Social Media

Social media techniques which were previously unused and underutilized such as Facebook Live, Facebook Stories, and multimedia posting were employed to promote the event and Farmer’s Market vendors. Given that Facebook was the best social media platform to reach the ideal audiences for this campaign, it was no suprirse to see that tactic this paid off. These tactics are still being used today with success.

Community Relations

Working with a well-known community matriarch, word-of-mouth spread quickly, especially with local efforts to employ volunteers.


  • Attendance was approximately 125-150 people 
  • Approximately 32 people were approached about how they felt about the event. They were members of the following audiences: Berea College students, out-of-towners, low-income community, average community members. See “Sentiment” for more on their responses. 
  • Page reach for the period increased by 11K over the average, a 374% increase 
  • Page Views increased by 238 over their average 
  • The page gained 255 likes and 254 more followers, a 14% increase 
  • 28% of the total likes came from the week of the event 
  • Multimedia posts with group shares reported the highest reach and engagement, with the highest reach being 4.6K 
  • Post engagements totaled 4, 440, a 293% increase with approximately 1.6K of those coming only from the week of the event 
  • The promoted event reached 3.8K users and had 69 direct responses

Amount Spent: $30

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