Case Study: Yarden Design Works

You’ve heard of gardening, but have you heard of yardening? This was the mission entrusted to me by a local client looking to begin their own landscaping-style business. The client’s excitement towards gardening and design, taking the idea of a yard and going far beyond it, needed to be easily shared. The best course of action was to design a webpage for clients to get information about yardening and their business.

Here’s the link!

Web Design

Yarden Design Work’s primary mode of communication needed to be established, and given the targeted client base (retirees, middle-aged high spenders, home owners), it was determined that the best way to do this would be to create a website. This website would provide peace of mind to this demographic, as websites are more concrete, provide more information than a social media profile, and give easy-to-access examples of work. While it could be argued that these things could be easily found on Facebook, where many of these demographics are located anyway, it has been proven that they are more likely to buy services and products from an entity with a website than just social media profiles.

The site was meant to be informative and inviting, invoking the client’s love of nature and functionality.

Social Media

With the website established, the business needed a mechanism to drive traffic. As previously established, the audiences that the business needed to target are mostly using Facebook. With social media curating techniques, SMPR worked with the client to determine what type of posts would perform well and how to frame them in the context of their page. SMPR still manages the Facebook page to this day, driving traffic and potential business to Yarden Design Works.

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