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Social Media Strategy & Management

Sometimes organizations underestimate the power of social media, but it’s one of the most accessible tools available to directly communicate with wide audiences. The best way to do that? Tell them your story. Some tactics that we use to inform personalized strategies are:

Set goals. Social media strategy is not an end in itself, but part of an overall communications plan.

Listen. A good social media strategy and plan should start with a social audit of your category and an analysis of competitors and partners.

Know your audience. The next step is to take a deep dive into the persona of your audience – its needs, problems, and passions – to achieve maximum relevance.

Identify KOLs. Social media is based on relationships, including those with influencers or “key opinion leaders.”

Develop a brand voice. It’s critical that your social media voice be true to the brand character and corporate values.

Be conversational. Yes, you should adopt a voice, tone, and persona that’s specific to your own brand, but social media is a two-way street and it’s always more effective to engage in conversation than to merely broadcast content.

Issues Management

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to prepare for the worst. Issues management means finding your organization’s most prevalent threats and strategizing how to fix those or to respond if the issue arises in the future. This puts you in front of the issue possibly facing your organization and gives you peace of mind. Good crisis management is really risk management. Most crisis events can be anticipated, and the most effective handling of a risky situation lies in anticipating and planning.

History shows that many reputational threats for business grow out of foreseeable problems. They’re often escalations of simmering situations left unattended, brushed aside, or concealed. According to a study by the Institute for Crisis Management, 65 percent of business crises from 1990-2009 were what the ICM terms “smoldering,” or rooted in the past, as opposed to truly sudden events. Product defects, customer or employee litigation, workplace misconduct, and many other happenings are at least theoretically foreseeable and almost always preceded by warning signs.

Crisis Communications

Never underestimate the importance of an experienced, level head in a bad situation. If you didn’t hire us for issues management work, we’ll certainly come to your aid whenever the worst does happen. We will work to provide your organization with peace of mind knowing that we can work together to create comprehensive strategies and identify key publics to protect your assets and reputation. This is a retainer service with the peace of mind of 24/7 communication and surveillance.

Community Relations

Have you moved to a new place and don’t know where to start? Having trouble connecting to a certain audience in your community? We can work with your organization to strategize how to reach the publics that you wish to target. This can include tactics such as social media, event planning, and media outreach.
Event planning is available as well. We’ll take care of you from start to finish!

Brand Strategy

Typically, we will begin with a brand audit which will inform us and you of your position in the market. This will include a social media audit and perception assessment as well. From there, we can collaboratively build messaging, identify key KPIs, and differentiate the brand from competitors. The deliverable will no doubt influence future strategy building in various sectors of the organization.

Media & Speech Training

Effectively communicating your mission is imperative in gaining funding and followers. We want to help you be clear, concise, and professional. To do this, we can come to you or provide online trainings with best practices. For an added fee, we can personalize our approach and prepare you for the hard questions you may encounter when representing your organization at events.

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