Jasmine Montgomery

I started my own small business in an effort to make some extra money on the side. I was having trouble taking off and SemperPR offered their services. I was a little skeptical at first because I was trying to make money, not spend it. However SemperPR offered great rates, worked with my budget, and was completely understanding of my goals and limitations. They helped me to brand, advertise, and create social media for my business all while being professional, understanding, and offereing creative and helpful solutions to my obstacles. I do not believe my business would have reached the level of success at present without their help. I fully recommend SemperPR and their services.

Jasmine Montgomery, Berea Nanny

Published by Sierra M.

I enjoy books, long car rides, and watching animated shows with interesting humor. I use a lot of GIFs (pronounced with a hard G) and memes to express myself. I have a big heart; I cry when dogs die in movies.